Mission Statement





                                                                  Mission Statement
                                “Make our contractor partners as profitable as possible”

Here’s how we make this happen:


Empowered Contractor Sales Staff:
Unlike other suppliers in the area, our sales people have complete control of their projects
from start to finish. Our customers have one point of contact for every piece of material we
provide, from framing materials to windows, doors and cabinets. At the end of the project our
sales staff review what worked and what didn’t in order to make continuous improvements in
efficiencies for both Dakota Craft and the builder.


Unmatched Expertise:
We have the most knowledgeable and talented design staff in the industry backed by a
seasoned production staff and state-of-the art manufacturing equipment. Our yard and
delivery staff are trained to be part of the overall sales team. They too have genuine concern
for our customers and the materials they handle.


Advertising Support:
The majority of Dakota Craft’s advertising budget is spent promoting our customers’
businesses. The more business we can channel to them the more will come back to us, just
another key aspect to our partnership approach to business!


Genuine Concern for Customers:
Our main focus at Dakota Craft is to be a true partner to those contractors that place their
trust in our staff. Our customers see higher overall project profits by partnering with Dakota
Craft. We foster a work environment in which every employee from sales to design,
production, accounting and delivery share a genuine concern for our customers’ well-being.


The Proof:
Ask around. Our loyal customers will back this up. Regardless of initial estimates in
comparison to our competition, contractors who choose Dakota Craft will be more profitable
in the long run. Our entire company is committed to making this a reality for our customers.
My team is the very best in the industry and I stake my personal reputation on that!

          Brett McManigal
605-545-3271 mobile